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Order From chaos - Dr Marion GibsonAfter discovering the lack of easily accessible, relevant literature available to her when she became involved in dealing with traumatic incidents and had to adapt her original training to meet the new demands of practical work at the scenes of tragedy Marion's own experiences prompted her to write 'Order from Chaos - Responding to traumatic events'.

The first edition of 'Order from Chaos - Responding to traumatic events' was published by Venture Press in 1991 with the second edition in 1998. The third edition was published in January 2006 by The Policy Press.

ISBN of Book -
ISBN-10 1 86134 697 2 paperback
ISBN-13 978 1 86134 697 1

Colin Murray Parkes, MD FRC Psych. writes in the preface to the third edition of 'Order from Chaos - Responding to traumatic events':

" Since the second edition of this book was published the author has added to her knowledge of disaster, the result of her work in the wake of 9/11, the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean and, most recent, the terrorist bombs in London on 7 July 2005. These experiences have enabled her research into the training needs of responders to develop a modular programme, which can be adapted for professional groups, voluntary organisations, emergency services, management and family members of those who may be traumatised by their work ".

Gordon Turnbull, Consultant Psychiatrist and Professor of Psychological Trauma Studies, Chester University:

"I strongly recommend this book as essential reading for responders to critical incidents and for those who attempt to untangle the tortuous aftermath of trauma. Core principles of appropriate response are offered and, most importantly, Marion Gibson does not forget the needs of professional helpers following their involvement ."

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